Take Away Everything

by Jonathan Vassar

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Recorded in January, 2018 at Seven Fields, VA.
Music & Lyrics by Jonathan Vassar


released April 8, 2019

Thanks to Allen Bergendahl for the AKAI reel-to-reel tape processing and light, sleight-of-hand mastering.
Photograph by Casimir Vassar


all rights reserved



Jonathan Vassar Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Wrong
Like the others i thought
There was no love lost
I was wrong

When i said i understood
That it was for the greater good
I was wrong

It’s time to make the wrong right from now on

i said fighting for what’s right
Is worth the fight
I was wrong

I thought that we were done
When you ran the race and won
I was wrong

It’s time to make the wrong right from now on

I was wrong
But so were you
you said wrong
can be right
from a different point of view
Track Name: Don't Forget
You gave me a ring engraved with our initials
Of Sterling silver with a rose inlet
You gave me a home. You gave me everything that i own
do you remember all the pretty things you gave me?

You gave me your name
And That’s when everything changed
Now all you gave me you’re taking away

you're taking back
everything that I hold dear
taking back all of the things
leaving behind only tears

you're taking me for granted
you're taking so many things
all you gave me
you're taking away
So Don’t forget to take away the pain

Take it away
Take away everything

just Don’t forget to take away the pain
Track Name: Up Up and Away
You’re the hero in slow motion
Running from the explosion
Everything blown to pieces right behind

You might get thrown around a bit
But i know you’ll get over it.
You get up up up and away every time
You say up up and away and off you fly

Though i’ve exaggerated
Parts of our relationship
if you’re the hero in the end. What am i?

You say up up and away and off you fly
Up up and away and off you fly
Track Name: The Sea
There's a thing called compound interest that's really messing with my head, and I've got a lot of mail that I have not read.
My voicemail is full. I've got some thirty messages.
I'm feeling overwhelmed and I'm still lying in bed.
Sometimes a thought gets so big it takes over everything, I just can't think, and I've got to get away.
I'll drive out to the sea without anything.
(Well) Maybe I'll take my girl: my girl, my car and me.
We'll breathe in the breeze from across the sea, and
a sense of expanse and grandeur I will keep with me.
Then the thoughts that seemed so big won't seem so big at all.
I drive out to the sea when I can't stand it anymore.
Track Name: #blessed
My Father is a lost cause
My Mother is a mess
At least I’ve got parents

My Family has a gold star
Families for Peace membership
I tell myself that he died for us

I’m not saying
things couldn’t be better
Things could always be better, i guess.
But some things could sure as hell be worse
maybe that’s for the best
It gives some perspective

I can never drive far or
long enough to take off the edge
But at least i’m going somewhere